Orascom will soon launch the 2nd Phase of its latest project, O West, in 6th of October City that is designed to be a project like no other. O West is the perfect place to both invest and live in as it’s the next step towards the future.

The 1st phase of OWest was launched by Orascom at the end of the previous year, and it was such a massive success that units worth 1.5 billion pounds were sold on the 1st day.  So if you’re thinking about buying a home, here are 10 reasons why you should go for O West.

  1. The Developer
    • Orascom is well known for its astonishing projects in Egypt and many other countries.
    • This is their first project in Cairo which makes it a great opportunity for investment or for people planning to move.
  2. The Location
    • OWest is 2KM away from Mall of Egypt, 6KM away from Juhayna Square, which puts it right in the heart of 6th of October City.
    • Being in the center of this lively location and surrounded by other projects that are either completed or about to be completed will drive Orascom to reach its full potential and deliver the project ahead of schedule.Owest Location
  3. The Area
    • O West is built over 1000 acres which makes it a real mega project just like El Gouna. Also, Orascom is well known for its artistry in developing fascinating massive towns.
  4.  The Variety Of Units
    • Owest will embrace a variety of housing options including: standalone villas, twin houses, townhouses and apartments.O west standalone villa
    • The apartments will be delivered fully finished.
  5. The Price
    • The price per square meter of O West’s apartments will be the best available price in market compared to the projects around the same location, and also taking into consideration that all of O-West’s apartments will be fully finished.
  6. The Mega Sports Club
    • A 35 acres Club that is one and a half times bigger than El Gezira Club. Moreover, El Gouna Club is a great example of how successful Orascom’s sports clubs are.
  7. The Educational Options
    • The project will include 4 international schools ( American, British, French & German)
  8. The Medical Facility
    • A hospital sharing the same management with El Gouna hospital will be established. EL Gouna hospital is well-known for its impeccable service that lures people from abroad to come and get their medical aid at it.El Gouna Hospital
  9. The Hotel
    • A 5 star hotel will be built inside the project.
  10. The Services
    • OWest will have its own water and natural gas stations as a part of the project’s infrastructure.

For more information about the project or to reserve your unit, you can contact us on +20102208888 or click here and one of our team members will contact