In the southeastern corner of Hyde Park’s distinguished 6-million-sqm development, the newly urbanized Park Corner zone comes to life, setting a new model of contemporary fine living. Park Corner inherits its exquisite beauty and temperament from Hyde Park, yet maintains its own spirit that attracts modern families.
Park Corner Phase Two features smart spaces with scenic backdrops and contemporary designs that meet the needs of present-day living. The residential areas embrace a diverse mix of house types that come in different sizes, designs and layouts to meet the market variety of preferences:
RF: 45 m2
Roof Terrace: 132 m2
·         Villa, Twin House & Town House areas starting from 250m2 to 327m2.
·         Family Houses: Total built up area 675m2 that consists of 3 apartments each on a separate floor ( Ground + 2 floors) with area 210 m2  per apartment. In addition to roof floor of built up area 45 m2  and roof Terrace area 132 m2
·         Duplexes area starting from 234m2 to 274m2
·         Luxury Apartment area is 230m2
·         Linear Apartment areas starting from 145 m2 to 199 m2

·         Grand Apartment areas starting from 99 m2 to 204 m2

About Park Corner Strategic Location:
·         Directly on Road 90
·         Overlooking New Cairo’s biggest Park
·         Proximate to the New Ring Road
·         Walking distance to the club house designated for this zone, featuring a swimming pool, a designated kids play area, and mixed-use spaces for social gatherings and events
·         Park extensions embedded within the zone
·         Proximate to the shopping arena, office park and hotel

·         Home to Hyde Park’s medical center and nursery,

Location: New Cairo
Starting Price: 1.1 million
Payment Terms: Up to 8 years
Unit Types: Apartments, Duplexes, Twin houses, Townhouses, Villas, Family Homes
Launch Date: March 19th, 2017
Finishing: Not Finished
For more information call us on: 0122 739 4544