Bo IslandsMaxim Developments 

The Egyptian North Coast is blessed with an impressive work of art that will decorate its famous shores that attract hundreds of tourists all year round. It will witness the birth of Bo Islands by the hands of Maxim Developments. Bo Islands is set to be one part of the Bo Sidi Abdelrahman mega project. It’s a group of connected islands with a bohemian flair that dominates the design of the entire project.

Bo Islands has an ideal spot at one of Sidi Adbelrahman’s spectacular bays. It’s found at km 120 on the Alexandria – Matrouh, North Coast Road, and it has access to all the vital roads connecting the North Coast together, including: old Alamein Road, New Alamein Road and Eldabaa Road extension. The project is also near to El Alamein International Airport which makes it easy to reach from both inside and outside the country.

Bo Islands Sidi Abdelrahman promotes an enriching experience at its waterfront homes. Its premium chalets, townhouses and villas enjoy their very own views of the private beach, the crystal lagoons and the colorful landscape. It’s like living in a tropical island right in the heart of Egypt.

And for the sake of the luxury and indulgence of the residents, Bo islands features 2 multinational chain hotels, a world class clubhouse with a recreational sauna, a jacuzzi, a spa and a sea front gym, a beach front commercial strip with cafes, restaurants and shopping areas, a mall with furniture galleries, fashion boutiques and jewelry shops, and a sports hub with 12 different courts.

Bo Islands also offers some distinctive entertaining services like: the various water activities from hover boards to wake boards and kite surfing, the tram line that connects the whole resort together and the fairy that facilitates sailing from one island to another.

Property types: Chalets, Town Homes and Villas.

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