The AxisIwan Developments6th October

At the present time, the world is obsessing over some complex ideas like modernization, technology and sustainability. And in the midst of all this madness, we find ourselves longing for the simple life that we once had and now is starting to fade in this hectic world.

That’s why Iwan Developments came up with the idea of creating a place where the vibes of the countryside meet the conveniences of the modern city. And by that, Iwan Developments will be offering the best of both worlds as anyone residing in this new development will enjoy modern luxury & architecture as well as natural textures & shapes.

This nostalgic place where the past and future come together is called The Axis. The Axis is a tranquil suburb with a land size of 50 acres that hosts both residential units and landscaped gardens. The compound’s secluded location provides it with the desired privacy and serenity, yet doesn’t affect its connectivity and accessibility as it’s located at the intersection of Mehwar Road & the Desert Road, and is found in close proximity to Sheikh Zayed City &  Lebanon Square.

The Axis 6th October is built on a series of levels where each level enjoys its own unique landscape that has been executed thoughtfully to interact with each other, and complement the sleek modern design of the buildings. This smart multi-level design ensures exposed views of the captivating natural elements from every angle. According to that, The Axis is setting itself to become a blissful haven embracing and indulging all its residents.

The apartments that Axis – Iwan offers enjoy an impeccable contemporary design, and have kept in mind the residents’ need for privacy, luxury, comfort and spaciousness.

As for the convenience and suitability, we find that the units come with different areas to give each resident the opportunity to choose the space that best suits him/her. Also, the panoramic view of the lush greenery and beautiful landscape that each home has is definitely the cherry on top.

The Axis has a myriad of amenities and services that fulfill every wish, desire and command. Thus, it features a wide bike lane, a BBQ area, state of the art gyms, interactive landscape, a community house and around the clock security services.

Property types: Apartments.

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