Choosing where to spend the rest of your life is not an easy decision. Years pass and our lives change; families are expanded, big decisions are made, career steps are taken. Through it all, your needs, expectations and priorities can change just as quickly—so it’s important to plan carefully and look well ahead when deciding on what your next home should look like.

Egypt presents a wide range of variety when it comes to property types, and most gated compounds offer different units to choose from on their premises. Of course, your criteria would depend on a number of factors: are you planning to buy your first home, or is it going to be a subsequent property? Are you looking for a place to reside in for many years to come, or more interested in investment opportunities? Many new homeowners who’ve been renting, for example, tend to be interested in single houses, but a luxurious apartment located in a commutable compound might prove to be more efficient for young business people. It’s natural to have numerous questions and concerns at the planning stage of your future real estate purchase, and Cooing is here to help you out.


The amount of luxury that is added to apartment living differs from one location to another. While the idea of living in a close community, in a single building that shares walls with neighbors might not sound like the definition of freedom and privacy, it definitely has its advantages. In fact, many high-end development projects redefine the apartment lifestyle with luxurious architectural features, generous space, smart home solutions, impeccable security services and a large number of amenities. Especially if you spend most of your time outside or at work, and have a small family, the convenience and practicality of an apartment can fit your needs perfectly. And if you’re looking for a property for investment purposes, a luxurious apartment in a well-known compound can be a very valuable asset in this ever-growing city.

The Loft – New Capital

For medium-sized families, or those who need a relatively more convenient floor plan, a duplex may be the answer. Despite being costlier than apartments, duplexes typically include more bedrooms and bathrooms than a standard apartment, and having two floors to yourself might help with some of the privacy concerns that generally accompany the idea of purchasing an apartment. While it would be a good idea to take some safety precautions for the stairs if you live with young children or elderly family members, a duplex can provide you with enough space to manage the living arrangements of the entire household.

Bloomfields Tatweer Misr – Mostakbal City

If the main reason why you want to avoid buying an apartment is your love for the nature, an apartment with a garden may give you the best of both worlds. By opting for these units, you get to have a private garden to yourself, where you can enjoy an afternoon coffee, host some friends for an outdoor gathering, or play with your kids during your free times. If your budget doesn’t allow for a big house with a back yard, but you’d still like to have some outdoor space for your children, pets or gardening activities, you should definitely include this property type in your research.

District 5 – New Cairo

On the other hand, one of the best forms an apartment comes in is arguably a penthouse. It usually offers the highest sense of exclusivity, with elevated views of green areas and water features, as well as a large private terrace. You can turn your terrace into a play area for your kids, a fun party venue for family and friends, or even a peaceful sunroom to spend leisurely weekends with a good read.

Zed – El Sheikh Zayed


Floor areas of property types differ greatly, and sometimes an apartment can pack even more space than the overall area of a house. What creates the main difference between an apartment and a house is the number of shared walls—more than the size of the unit. With that in mind, if you seek to own the lot of your house without sharing it with others, you still have a few options that serve different budgets.

A townhouse could be defined as the midpoint between an apartment and a villa; they are single houses with multiple floors, attached in a multi-unit building complex. They are usually pricier than apartments but more affordable than standalone villas, which makes them the perfect choice for larger families on a budget. The corner units of a townhouse complex are more spacious and thus more expensive, but they are ideal for those who seek more privacy. Townhouses sometimes come with medium-sized backyards and terraces, in addition to private parking spaces, so if you don’t mind sharing only the side walls with neighbors, a townhouse can provide you with most of the benefits that are associated with a family house.

Il Bosco City – Mostakbal City

A twin house boasts all the features of a villa, only sharing one center wall with a next-door neighbor. This can be considered a pro or a con depending on your lifestyle—if you’d like to really stay in touch with people around you, that’s perfect! But if you’re rather looking for a peaceful haven to rest in after a long day at work, you might want to be wary of potential deal-breakers, like a loud and crowded family living next door, or the presence of a pet that you’ll come across every day. Still, investing in a twin house with friends or extended family members you’d like to live close to may be a great idea: each family would have their own unit, but be near enough to form a sense of community.

Ancient Sands – El Gouna

Last but not least, you can consider buying a standalone villa for the utmost seclusion and exclusivity. They are often built far apart from each other, meaning that you won’t have to interact with any close neighbors if you choose to. And you know what they say: good fences make good neighbors! Villas are also highly versatile; you can opt for one with a swimming pool for your children’s summer fun, or a large backyard if you share your home with furry friends. Of course, the bigger the house, the bigger the responsibility—before deciding on a villa, you will have to take into account the expenses of maintenance, staff, furniture and décor. Luckily, all high-end compounds in Cairo offer full-fledged services and amenities to their residents, so you won’t necessarily worry about fixing the roof or mowing the lawn. A standalone villa is usually a good investment, too; even if it seems to be the most expensive property type at first, it rarely ever ceases to grow in value.

O West Orascom – 6th of October

Think With Your Heart

At the end of the day, the type of house you purchase has a huge impact on your daily life, and how you get to spend your me-time. This kind of a decision shouldn’t depend merely on solid criteria like budget, size and location, but also on your personal taste, expectations and interests. In order to identify your priorities and find the perfect option personalized to your lifestyle, reach out to our team of real estate experts. And no matter what your final decision is, don’t forget to leave room for future life stages, and some fun upgrades!