Is A Gated Community The Right Place for You?

When you buy a house you want to make sure that you’ve made the right choice that best serves you and your family. You have so many aspects to consider starting from the safety of the neighborhood all the way to the level of comfort and convenience. So, you’ll start thinking whether you should purchase a home in a gated community or not, and what type of features a neighborhood should have in order to satisfy your needs and expectations.

But first, let’s see what a gated community is.

A gated community is a private neighborhood with exclusive and controlled access for its residents and their guests, thanks to a wall and a number of gates that surround it.

And now comes the big question, should I really go for a gated community??

If you can’t make up your mind or if you’re still hesitant, then you should take a look at the following pros and cons to help you reach a sensible decision.


  • Privacy & Security: The safety and privacy elements are the main reasons why most homeowners choose to live in a gated community. Thanks to the controlled gates, the security guards and the CCTV systems everything is monitored and both intruders & solicitors are kept outside the neighborhood which – to an extent – eliminates any chance for criminal activities. And that will make you breathe easy whether your staying at home, walking in the streets or letting your kids go out on their own.
  • Serenity & Beauty: A gated community tends to have a tranquil environment and enjoy a high sense of beauty because of the vivid landscape, the lush greenery and the stunning water features that spread throughout the neighborhood providing you and your family with a peaceful sensation and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor experience.
  • Private Facilities & Amenities: Gated communities often have their own amenities, such as: swimming pools, private parks, kids’ playgrounds, jogging and bike lanes, clubhouses, fitness centers, retail and dining areas, community centers and more. All these benefits give you the chance to live, breathe and enjoy without having to leave the neighborhood and worry about the traffic and the crowd.
  • High Maintenance: A gated community’s landscape, roads, sidewalks, etc. are regularly maintained so as to preserve the neighborhood’s beauty and keep it clean and neat.
  • Less Traffic: Due to the limited access that a gated community has, there will be a few cars on the road and absolutely no traffic jams. Also, speeding cars are strictly reduced inside the neighborhood providing you and your children with the needed sense of safety so you can walk, jog or ride bikes freely without any worries.
  • Higher Property Value: Thanks to the high standards of the home quality, the spectacular unified designs, the exclusivity and the fascinating facilities of a gated community, all the properties that lie within it tend to have higher property values. And that makes using your home as an investment or selling it in the future such a golden opportunity.


  • Higher Home Costs: Nothing in life comes without a price. So by looking back at all the previously mentioned perks of a gated community, you can figure that the property prices inside it will be more expensive. But by considering all the benefits that you’ll enjoy, you’ll find it worth the extra bucks.
  •   High HOA Fees: Gated communities offer a wide range of amenities and security & maintenance services that aim at preserving the neighborhood’s beauty and exclusivity. And to do so, HOA fees are paid by the homeowners. But when you think about it, that’s just a small price to pay in return for a better home with better services.
  • Protocols & Restrictions: The security protocols and neighborhood rules inside a gated community can be a bit annoying as you might have to wait in line to enter or exit the gates, delivery and visitation can be a hassle as entry is only with permission and you won’t be allowed to make any changes to the design and the overall look of your home. But that’s just to keep the safety and harmony inside the neighborhood.

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time for you to make a decision and choose what best suits your preference.

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