The slump of failing to find your ideal den has hit us all at one point or another in time. Whether you had your dreams pinned on that perfect open kitchen, or the three master bedrooms with private bathrooms, or the spacious garden that would host your weekly barbecue parties; something always seems to go wrong. The kitchen is there, but the rooms are tiny. The bedrooms are there but the location is way too far from work. The garden is magnificent, but the area it’s located in leaves no room for privacy. Frustrating, isn’t it ?!

Unfortunately, there is no magical solution. However, there might be a process to help you out!

  1. Know what you are looking for

    Before actually attempting to find your humble abode, think of what you really want it to be like. Talk it through. I can’t express enough the importance of having a person acting as your sounding board. If you’re getting your home with a partner, work on that vision together. Most importantly, PRIORITIZE your wish list. Specify three main criteria which need to be there, be it “under budget” or “walk in closet” or whatever you deem the most important feature of your house-to-be. Having those criteria clear in mind will make it easier to pick the areas where sacrifices will be made.
  2. Be willing to sacrifice

    Unfortunately no one gets to have it all. Be flexible with your vision, with a little wiggle-room for innovation. This will give you a sense of where your “I can let this slide” VS your “Deal breakers” are.

  3. Set your budget

    Be realistic. Look around and do your online research.  Don’t expect more for less.

  4. Look around

    Unless you’re the luckiest human being alive, you will not find that dream house on your first attempt. Or second. Or probably third. So don’t give up and keep looking! Do not settle too early, but don’t drag your feet for too long either. Just like love, when you’ll know, you’ll know. That is where property consultants like Cooing would help shorten that road. Headless chicken crisis: successfully averted.

  5. Look deeper

    Don’t allow yourself to be put off by things that are easy to change. Tile colors, wall paint, and cleanliness are all adjustable and will be different once the house is yours anyway. Look at the foundations and the floor plans, and you might just find your diamond in the rough.

Happy House Hunting!


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