In celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Palm Hills Developments is gifting its community with a fantastic payment plan. Are you ready for it?….NO Down-payment! And pay equal installments for up to 10 whole years!!
Their gift in detail specifies the following compounds with their matching installment years:

  • The Crown: Pay 40 installments over 10 years
  • Palm Parks extension: Payment is over 10 years
  • Capital Gardens: Payment is over 10 years
  • Badya: Payment is over 10 years
  • Palm Hills New Cairo: Pay 36 installments over 9 years
  • Hacienda Bay Water Villas: Payment is over 8 years


So hurry up and join the community! The offer only stands for 20 days (from 10/10/2019 to 2/11/2019)

For prices and more details: click on #AskCooing or call us on +201022088888

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