Akam Developments’ New Capital proudly presents: the long awaited Ainava Mall! The mall features commercial, administrative and medical spaces. Aniava also has its own Hyper Market as well as a large pharmacy.

The areas of units within the mall ranges from 34 sqm up to 2000 sqm. Meanwhile, the prices per meter range from 29,000 to 120,000 EGP. An offer stands now with a 10% discount on your total unit price! And in order to facilitate payments, Akam Developments provides the following payment plans: pay a down payment of 10 % and pay the remaining on installments over 6 years, or pay 10 % as a down payment, followed by 5 % in two years, and the remainder on 7 years installments. On the other hand, you may seize the opportunity and pay 20% as a down payment and the remaining installments over 5 years and get a 20% discount. Or, pay a down payment of 25% and the remainder on 4 years and get a 25% discount.

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