The THREE SIXTY experience: a lively mixed-use complex providing retail, offices, clinics and serviced apartments! The Business and Leisure Park aims to give its customers a dynamic and distinctive experience catering to their every need.

Strategically located in New Cairo, the complex is directly accessible from the main road, leading from and to the new capital and the ring road, in addition to the new monorail station, linking new Cairo to the New Capital.

The Complex is designed to provide a mix of retail, food and beverage, and office development. Through positioning the units to face outwards, and connecting all the retail space with one pedestrian circuit, the complex aims to stimulate main-road interest. Whether you’re planning on investing, enjoying the vast array of shops, dining in one of the exquisite restaurants or enjoying any of the year round activities, the retail space is the heartbeat of the entire venture. The office space is planned with your business essentials in mind and is built with varied space options according to your company’s size. A wide array of wellness centers located throughout the complex will provide customers with the healthcare they need, day and night. And finally, internationally branded serviced apartments offering fully furnished and equipped apartments with hotel-like services complete the Three Sixty Experience, with a cherry on top!

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