What makes a good real estate agent? Type that question in your search engine and you’ll find a gazillion responses with several key elements in common: transparency, resilience, time management, follow up, presentation, negotiation, etc. However, when asking our property consultants at Cooing Real Estate the question through a different paradigm, their answers were eye-opening.

“What Trait/Skill, to your surprise, helped you as a real estate agent?”

  • Being Worldly

    When your knowledge base exceeds mere numbers and basic product knowledge, your ability to respond to your clients inquiries, as well as your ability to help them brainstorm methods that would help them overcome the obstacles they may face throughout your interaction, greatly increases. Through your knowledge of the market, its trends, current affairs, currency fluctuation, and other generic topics, you’re not only able to provide more sound, rounded advice; but you also set the potential for a far more interesting conversation.

  • Smooth Talker

    Technically, being a smooth talker entails the ability to get others to do your bidding without outright asking them to. It’s an inherent skill, but can definitely also be developed. Charm and smooth talking leads to better / easier / more polished transitions within the conversation. The key to it is knowing  The skill counteracts the “naggy” feeling clients may develop from their agents, which certainly serves the agent well.

  • Socially Smart

    Did you know that according to a theory established in 1983, there are actually 9 types of intelligence? One of those types is “interpersonal Intelligence” (otherwise known as “People Smart”). A person who is inter-personally intelligent is a person who can understand and interact effectively with others. That person can sense mood shifts, as well as can pinpoint major character traits with those whom he speaks to.  Though intrinsic in nature, that type of intelligence can be acquired and improved through learning about body language as well as verbal and non verbal cues.  Once you become people-savvy, you can easily entertain multiple perspectives of those whom you deal with, majorly aiding your presentation and negotiation skills. You can also hone in on the different paradigmatic language of clients, understanding their points of entry and/or barriers and using it accordingly.

  • Building Rapport

    Fostering a healthy business relationship with the client comes as a subsequent result of the previous skill-set. Once your client feels like they are another name on a list, you lose your competitive edge as a real estate agent. Searching for a new home or a new investment opportunity is an important personal decision, throughout which your estate consultant ought to be your best friend. Through building trust and respect with your client, you’re able to communicate with them effectively and accurately anticipate their needs, even if said needs change. This results in sales that are win-win to both you and your client.


With insight obtained from real-time successful practitioners of the profession, the usual question of “what makes a good real estate agent?” finally has some unusual answers! They’re always ready and up for a challenge. Choose your property through our website CooingEstate.com and contact them on +201022088888 and enjoy a real-estate experience you won’t regret.