On the 15th of December 2019, SODIC will launch phase one in its new project: VYE-SODIC.

Just 6 min away from SODIC West in New Zayed, VYE is a highly accessible mixed community with both residential and commercial properties. With available twin houses, town houses, Duplexes and apartments, 1/3 of the 500 acres comprising “VYE” includes 1100 property.

VYE – SODIC has 5 main private entrances, with greenery and bike lanes by the main roads within the project. Privacy is not an issue as the compound is designed with 30 meters minimum between the buildings. Entertainment is not an issue either, as VYE has 3 community centers with co-working spaces along with the clubhouse. Sounds like a lot? Sparks within you the fear of probable congestion and noise? SODIC has thought this through! Even though the commercial and the residential areas are close to each other, and the retail area is non-exclusive to the compound’s residents, the commercial area is gated to avoid congestion and loud noises! Nifty, huh?! Not only that, but also two levels of security checks will be established for the safety of the residents.

Combine all that with your state-of-the-arts Nova Park covering 125,000 sqm, and you’ve got a compound ready to launch and strongly compete in a market in-which its developer is already established!

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