Golf Central, the center of all premier, lavish and flamboyant offices and business services, is brought to you by Palm Hills Developments to cover an area of 7.5 feddans.

Accessibility issues are a thing of the past with the commercial compound being located by the Mehwar, Ring Road and Wahat Road. If you choose to invest at Golf Central, you’re promised the surroundings of Palm Hills Developments’ grandest retail and airy amenities. Only one minute away from Hale Town, Your wellness Hub, and 10 minutes away from The Smokery , Izakaya, Sports Club,  Gold Club, Gezira Club and more.

With the vast range of offices that Golf Central offers, all you need to do is to decide your business idea and size, and you’ll find your customized office space. Office space is not all that’s offered at Golf Central though; entertainment and leisure can also be spotted. . With three unique primary plazas, your retail itch can be scratched off. Furthermore, to make the commercial owners’ and visitors’  life easier, various drop off areas and main bathrooms for the commercial complex are available. Making it easy for your staff members, there are allocated changing rooms in the garages to suit their needs.

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