Setting the trend in the New Cairo scene is Landmark Sabbour’s 1-Ninety mixed use development. As one of the first branded residential neighborhoods in Egypt, One Ninety offers: an office complex that’s designed with productivity and dynamism in mind, an unmatched variety of shopping destinations, superb casual and fine dining experience, a massive green park, a 5 star Hotel, and serviced apartments for their oh so lucky residents.


The layout of the projects is set so that a network of scenic foot-friendly boulevards connect the different neighborhoods to meet at the heart of the project in the Urban Oasis Plaza. The Urban Oasis Plaza in 1-Ninety boasts water features and landscape attractions that make the park a perfect spot to meet or chill. It features an Amphitheatre that will host performances throughout the year. The park also has a dedicated picnic area, with outdoor recreational space. All the neighborhoods in the projects are surrounded by lush green walkways separating them and outlining the parameters of each section.


The office space in 1 Ninety by Landmark Sabbour features grandeur lobbies with entrance lounges that set a luxurious professional tone, as well as a front desk that is of an international concierge grade. The buildings themselves are energy efficient as well as smart, with fiber optic internet, high speed heavy duty elevators, an electric car charging station and more! Those lucky employees in the buildings will enjoy a large scale of amenities, such as access to the gym, an emergency clinic, Food and Beverage outlets indoors and outdoors, as well as an entertainment area –and for the health buffs out there- a jogging track.

For all the guests out there looking for an indulging experience, 1-Ninety’s 5 Star hotel provides it all! Comfortable accommodation and stellar restaurants are but a few of its perks, with direct access to the Urban Oasis Plaza as well as the designated shopping mall via tourist-worthy hanging footbridges. The 5 star hotel also oversees the serviced apartments that will take their residents up on cloud nine. Forget any and all hassle that comes to housekeeping and having a picture-ready home at any moment. 1-Ninety Residences have come to the rescue!

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