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Emaar is one of Egypt’s biggest real-estate developers. Renowned for their upscale project, purchasing a property under the Emaar brand name guarantees exclusive and exquisite delivery. Currently, Emaar has three mega compounds on the Egyptian soil, with the Fourth looming in from the horizon.

Emaar’s Uptown Cairo

Emaar’s initial project in Cairo is Uptown Cairo. Uptown Cairo is known to be the residence of the Cairian Elite. Located in the heart of Cairo, Uptown had the precedence in being the first gated community in the Egyptian capital.


Set 200 meters above sea level, Uptown Cairo overlooks the glorious metropolis . It distinguishes itself as the first and only integrated development in the center of the capital with easy accessibility from Maadi, Heliopolis, Nasr City and West Cairo. To clarify this benefit, Emaar was able to achieve such accessibility through the Emaar Drive, a three-lane highway specifically built to boost the connectivity of the compound.  Since Uptown Cairo is a family friendly extravagant 1000 acre community, the compound – which is more like an independent village the size of Zamalek- is both fully integrated and fully living.


Furthermore, Emaar’s Uptown Cairo includes an AIS campus as well as a plethora of sport courts, kids play areas, pools and game rooms. That is in addition to indulgences from world-class golfing facilities to trendy cafes and eateries, prestigious shopping districts and state-of-the-art recreation and entertainment. Known for its heavy supreme security, Emaar’s Uptown Cairo boasts extremely safe streets.

Compound Breakdown

Currently comprised of 13 districts, Uptown Cairo breaks down to: The Fourteen Golf Residences, Terencia, Reyna, Alto, Levana, the Sierras, Aurora, Isadore, Eleva, Alba Alyah, Alba Spendia, Celesta Hills, and Emaar Square. With Studios, Apartments, Duplexes, Townouses, and Villas – all designed with the highest international standards, ranging from Mediterranean and Spanish motifs to Italian and Arabian ones-, Uptown Cairo offers a piece of its community for all the tastes out there.  With prices ranging from 1,942,888 Egyptian Pounds to 66,436,888 Egyptian Pounds, you’re bound to find what suits your budget within its properties.

Emaar’s Marassi

As a renowned trend setter, Emaar topped off its success in Uptown Cairo and  created Marassi as the North Coast’s first upscale international destination. The Compound is establishing itself as a world-class tourism, leisure and golfing holiday destination.


Set on what is the most paramount shoreline in the region, Marassi nests in Sidi Abdelrahman – the magnificent Mediterranean gem. From captivating backstreets to splendid souks, Marassi provides it all. Marassi’s extravagant retail and entertainment venues are all about exclusivity, originality and serendipity. 


You couldn’t possibly have been in the Region without at least hearing of Marassi’s Mporium. Mporium is the North Coast’s most extravagant and largest outdoor plaza and shopping hub. It offers a wide variety of  luxury retail, local brands and supermarkets. With waiting lists that last for hours, Mporium specifically and Marassi generally is a comprehensive community that is always dedicated to bringing you the best. Fast Food, Fine Dining, and exquisite nightlife venues that thrive until the break of dawn are all key to the Emaar brand name in the North Coast.


Furthermore, Marassi boasts its Family-orientation.  Entertainment venues and parks, retail outlets and leisurely settings deliver the finest environment for family get-togethers and quality time – all year round. Marassi didn’t forget about its active sport oriented members either. Exciting water activities and sports facilities are abundantly available to liven your unique holiday experience. Moreover, for those of us who just seek to chill in their home away from home, beaches, swimming pools and the swimmable lagoon in Marassi simply hit the spot.


Talking of homes, Marassi has a Community Management team that ensures that the quality, timeliness and image of services exceed the expectations of every homeowner. Community Management is responsible for both setting up and supporting owners’ committees It liaises with local authorities and is also dedicated to enhancing the liveliness aspect of the community, removing that whole hassle from the residents’ list of to-dos. 

Additionaly, Marassi has a dedicated Facility Management team. The team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all units and facilities. Working closely with the other teams within the compound, Facility Management carries out infrastructure requests . It also guarantees the quality of every delivered unit. The units themselves boast cutting-edge communication technology with Triple Play. That is a combined service that offers broadband Internet, telephone and cable TV on a single connection. This advanced fibre-optic technology is currently unique to Marassi homeowners, and will soon allow access to other everyday communication services.

Compound Breakdown

The Compound has a wide variety of units; from chalets and apartments to townhouses and Villas; with units prices ranging from 3,047,888 to 24,400,888. As a Marassi owner, you have access to the Homeowners Corner. It is an exclusive and dedicated portal that provides a comprehensive community guide, online support and event calendars. Additionally, it provides news alerts and updates. Whether you choose to reside in Marassi Bay, Vectoria, Valencia, Blanca, Celia, Verdi, Safi, The Greek Village, Salerno, Veneto,  Isola, Catania, Verona, Arezzo or Marina; Marassi prides itself on the impeccable and reliable security measures. The security system within the compound ensures the wellbeing of every resident and property. From high-tech security systems to agile guards stationed throughout the development and regular mobile patrols touring its premises, Marassi aims to encourage a safe and sound living community.

Emaar’s Mivida

After the smashing thrive of both Uptown Cairo and Marassi, Emaar Returned to the East of Cairo with its latest project: Mivida. Mivida is a fully connected community that provides residents with the complete luxury experience of New Cairo .

Marketed primarily as Eco Friendly, Mivida is a solar lighted community. It includes two natural green valleys that have been left undisturbed to welcome residents with a beautiful view. Walkways and seating areas are carefully placed to enhance your meditative experience.  

Mivida has a wide range of amenities: from playgrounds, club houses, a large Central Park, to a Lake District. As in all its other projects, Emaar’s focus on community can also be seen in Mivida. An abundance of schools, medical facilities, a Business Park, a business hotel creates and maintains that sense of community . The thriving Mivida Downtown that includes shopping and leisure destinations also adds to that concept . Mivida offers elegant villas, townhouses, and apartments that are delivered fully finished or furnished. The units overlook large green areas, with property prices ranging from 4,333,888 to 60,928,888 EGP. Emaar designed Mivida to escape the noise and hustle of the city without compromising on the city life.

Emaar’s Cairo Gate

Finally, Emaar concluded 2019 with an announcement entailing that it will be spreading its wings to the west of Cairo. Its newest endeavor is Cairo Gate. Launching right across from Dandy Mall and by Smart Village, Cairo Gate has the potential to dominate Cairo’s west dominion. The project will spread over 160 Acres . It will also have a mega shopping mall set on 120 thousand sqm as the main attraction of the project. Cairo gate will offer different services and amenities. For instance, the compound has food and beverage outlets as well as schools, medical centers, world class hotels. Cairo Gate boasts fully finished villas, townhouses and apartments. Cairo Gate, 6th of October, with the Emaar’s brand promised quality levels, is bound to hit the ground running.