Staging your home for those shots you are going to use to market your house is absolutely crucial. Those photos are your Menu…your main advertising tool…what your potential buyers asses the worthiness of their buying experience on. So here are six mistakes NOT to make right before selling your house:

1. Skip staging all together

Will your house sell regardless? If the market is hot, maybe. However, it’s like you’re intentionally sabotaging your potential profit. Prettier is simply worth more. Everyone would rather visualize themselves and their families in nice put-together spaces rather than feel like they’re intruding on your life.

2.  Not knowing Your Audience

Always keep in mind who your potential buyers might be. Is it a big family with children and pets? A newly married couple? A bachelor or an estranged student? All you need to know about your target market segment is tied to both your property’s size and neighborhood. Keep that target market in mind when theming your rooms’ staging. The easier you make it for potential buyers to visualize themselves in your space, the easier the sell will be.

3. Over-personalize Your Decor 

Remember what we discussed in terms of “prospects feeling like they’re intruding on your life”? This rule of thumb applies here as well. You may love the collection of china plates you’ve collected over the years, or the tiny figurines you find so cute, or your cat-pillow collection. These are great! They’re too personal though. It’s hard to identify with such specific taste and may actually put potential buyers off. So would extremely colorful paintjobs! Just because you love purple and yellow walls (and trust me, I do) doesn’t mean everyone shares the same taste. When staging your home, it’s best to stick to neutral wall shades, with a few accented accessories. Give your candidates’ imagination room to grow and picture their own tastes applied to your property.

4. Old Window Treatments

You can do the greatest furniture arrangement possible, and lay out your accessories just right, but the fact that you’re using old drapes or your windowpane paint is peeling or your glass is cracked can just put off your whole room. New doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Just make sure not to skip this one simple step that would send all your staging efforts to ruins.

5. Empty Bed Frames or Cheap Linens

The number of bedrooms in your property is probably the first thing your potential buyer looks at. Now when it comes to staging, empty bed frames are just sad. They literally look like a pile of wood or metal taking space adding no aesthetic value whatsoever. If you’re selling your property unfurnished, you’ll take it with you anyway. If you’re selling it furnished, you’re doing nothing to help push your sale. If you don’t wish to invest in a mattress for the staging, think of air mattresses. They’re both available and cheaper. More so, if just for the staging, a large Styrofoam block covered in nice linens will do the trick. Speaking of linens, those run-down Donald duck bed sheets you bought five years ago on clearance? Please don’t. Just don’t. You’re killing it.

6. Spend tons of money on furniture and accessories to stage your home.

Last but not least, keep in mind your running costs. Bottom line is; spend only on things that will help you sell your property and will fit in your new home.  Anything less is not worth your money.

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