Misr Italia is re-launching, Vinci New Capital, its newest boutique compound in New Capital City. The project has a prime location in New Capital’s diplomatic area.

Misr Italia

Misr Italia Properties has been at the leader board of Egypt’s ongoing real estate developments. On par with market demands, it provides sustainable development destinations in Egypt with distinguished concepts. Built on a philosophy of creativity and innovation, The developer offers trend-setting projects with unique concepts and designs that are unparalleled in the market.


Recognized for their dynamic projects, Misr Italia has penetrated the market with a diversity of residential, coastal, commercial and hospitality projects. Starting from their first residential compound, La Nuova Vista, which falls in New Cairo, to their commercial project, Cairo Business Park, which aspires to become New Cairo’s newest business hub.

Adding to their residential portfolio, Misr Italia has developed coastal projects, Kai Sokhna and Kai Sahel, which are located in the Red Sea and North Coast. Misr Italia Properties launched its 2 newly additional projects in the New Capital. First, IL BOSCO, a residential compound which launched in 2017 and achieved a remarkable success in the market due to its distinctiveness and exclusivity. Second, Vinci; a very unique residential compound reintroducing what luxury living means and staging itself to be the pioneer in the market.


Vinci is an outstanding residential compound  that will open the gates of heaven to its occupants. It offers an extraordinary experience through its tailor-made house designs, secluded gated homes and luxury serviced units.

Enriching experiences are the essence of Vinci’s everyday living experience. Combining the best of services and exemplary living spaces, from iconic villas, to outstanding apartments. Overall Vinci counts as one of the New Capital’s most remarkable residential destination.

Vinci’s Concept

Vinci, the new urban destination, encapsulates the fluidity and beauty of modern living. The compound is divided into districts that represent arts period that start from the 19th century all the way up to the 21st century. Vinci integrates the art elements of every art genre into its urban and landscape design using dynamic approaches. The project accentuates the warm earthy accent of a home while overlooking scenic landscapes. Vinci has a very distinctive design concept inspired by art and its various phases. The art mirrors the actual designs of the project. From the classics, to the contemporary to the modern, the compound breaks into phases with each phase designed into a specific artistic style.

Vinci’s Design and Master-Plan

Behind the creation of this project comes the master-planners and the interior designer, CallisonRTKL & DMA. They designed an exceptional master plan along with Hany Saad Innovations to create a unique look and style to both the exteriors and interiors of the project.

Vinci’s Location

Vinci is perfectly located at the heart of the New Capital City, located on the main road of the New Capital. The luxury boutique residential compound is situated in the residential region of the diplomatic area. Positioned between exclusive residential districts with easy access to the main lines of transportation. The luxury compound combines architectural haven with alluring scenery that is on the same road as the Expo, Medical City, and the Massa Hotel. The project is nearby the government district, with the main aim of providing a well-studied location for occupants to retreat from their hectic life yet stay connected.

Vinci’s Compound Breakdown

Divided into 8 districts, each area in Vici stands out in its concept. Firstly, District #1 is where Cubism merges sophisticated artistry into everyday life of its residents. Secondly, District #2 showcases Art Deco elegant and everlasting touches. Thirdly, District #3 is where outstanding Art Nouveau decorative arts stands out mainly in urban and landscape design. Fourthly, District #4 features Innovative Expressionism techniques all implemented in design direction. Fifthly, District #5 showcases Surrealism applications to resolve all the contradictory conditions of a dream. Meanwhile, District #6 presents Fascination with popular culture reflecting the affluence of Pop-Art. Moreover, District #7 boasts Luxury branded apartments redefining Vinci’s new luxury living experience. Finally, District #8 comprises of Vinci Street – where retail, offices and clinics are offering the best service quality.

Vinci’s Properties

Iconic Villas

The iconic villa with its glass curtain wall along the the staircase ensures line of sight among each level and an abundance of space, both indoors and outdoors. This creates a harmonious feel between built structure and mother earth’s beauty. The stand-out modern architecture, the remarkable minimalist design, material surfaces and textures radiates a sense of balance and harmony. This welcomes residents to give in to the pleasures of contemporary luxury. The designed structures capture the luxuriousness through the material choice. It smartly combines the natural splendor with modern luxury in a haven of style and peacefulness.

Designed to give you privacy while enjoying a sublime view; the iconic villas features exceptional large floor to ceiling windows, that gives the interior spaces the best lighting . The facade capitalizes on the delicate balance between building and lightness. The minimalist clear-cut lines of the facade are a statement of your contemporary elegant lifestyle. The reception is spacious, comfortable, and naturally lit by long windows.

Big Villa

With exceptional designs, let your imagination flow from the comfort of this sanctuary . Seeing to how its contemporary art and finishes delight all the senses, and accompanied with a laid-back standard of living, the ambiance is coupled with modern luxury to ensure natural lighting and a relaxing atmosphere. Upon entering the villa, the naturally flowing space and openness will greet you with light. The airy design integrates all your needs effortlessly and with style. With the options available for your own satisfaction, you may choose from dark and light finishing. With unique reception floor plans to ceiling frames, the villa exterior shows the subtle balance between building and lightness.

In elaboration, The entrance is visually serene; with a harmony of light tones, golden solid structures and accents are achieved through fabric textures. Mixing the right color tones with wood reflects comfort combined perfectly with the earthy feel. Materials are vital in relation to light. The openness of the glass, the glitter of gold mosaics, the depths of dark polished wood, and the shadows on bright walls redefine the new luxury living.

Small Villas

Experience life in the coziest luxurious living. The architecture of the small villa’s exteriors speaks for itself. It brilliantly combines the natural splendor of modern luxury in a haven of style and tranquility. The breathtaking modern architecture and remarkable minimalist design radiate a sense of balance and harmony. Creating one community in an exclusive residence falls in line with the boutique villas.

High End Residential Apartments

The exclusively designed buildings consists of 8 floors, with every apartment having several design options from interior furnishing to exteriors to floor spaces. Each cluster of buildings will have amenities and services to fulfill the homeowner’s needs. For example, a reception lounge, concierge services, outdoor pool, mini fitness center to support healthy living. Also a relaxation lounge, private garage and complimentary high speed WIFI. Since bedrooms are the primary place of relaxation, the bedroom interior design is extremely important in order to provide that instant feel of comfort. The smoothness in pastel colors combines with simplicity to maximize on comfort.

Vinci’s Facilities

Community Center

Exclusive for villa residents and branded apartments, the community center is the‘go to place’ for the epic luxurious serviced experience. Vinci’s community center is a place where residents can have access to a collection of amenities that help develop relationships. The exterior design is remarkably breathtaking, with its asymmetrical design that is easy on the eye. The center is aesthetically appealing and has Cooingcutting-edge designs using eco-friendly materials.

Vinci Street and Commercial Area

Located in the core of the New Capital exclusive for Vinci; the commercial strip is connected by a promenade that links the four buildings with the three internal plazas through bridges. Capturing the essence of the luxurious lifestyle, the design is complemented with easy access facilities and services that optimize your experience.

The strip comprises the best selected clinics, branded stores and provides office spaces overlooking Vinci’s lush greenery. All of which are reinforced with high quality finishes and vastly equipped with sharp technological amenities that support the luxury services to the renters.

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