The 6th of October area is currently featuring the newest Commercial Real Estate addition to its scene. Westlane Boulevard, brought to life by Palm Hills Developments.

Palm Hills Developments

Palm Hills Developments is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market. It primarily develops integrated residential and commercial real estate as well as resort projects.

Founded in 2005 by Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development Company [MMID], the company was the result of a vision to create self-sufficient and well integrated communities.

Currently, Palm Hills Developments has a portfolio of 26 projects spanning different development stages nationwide, and spreading over 27 million square meters in Egypt, including 5 million sqm in which is held for sale in Saudi Arabia. The Company’s product offering includes primary homes on both West Cairo and East Cairo, as well as second homes by the Mediterranean Sea [North Coast] and the Red Sea.

In Cairo alone, Palm Hills projects span over 13.3 million sqm. Moreover, they accommodate 5,600 households.Primarily, Unit Spaces vary from 150 sqm Up to 2,000 sqm. With an aim to turn their clients’ dreams into a reality, 70% of the projects’ lands are allocated for thriving greenery and beautiful landscapes. Palmhills is also known to go the extra mile to satisfy their clients’ diverse wishes. That is why West Cairo projects have dedicated 197,000 sqm to services and retail facilities. That is to serve Palm Hills’ residents and visitors. The most recent of which is WestLane Boulevard.

Westlane Boulevard

The wait is finally over for West Cairo’s new vibrant downtown. Launching very soon is Westlane Blvd, a Mega mall and services complex with an ideal location.

The project is located directly on Dahshour’s route at Juhayna square, just outside Palm Parks. It showcases what the developers are calling an “authentic street experience”.

Westland Boulevard spreads over 55,000sqm. Its properties vary from Offices and Clinics, to Retail and Restaurants. Moreover, the project promotes itself as a StrEATery…(get it? wink wink)…with a strong variety of eating options.

Throughout the project, On-Sale Spaces start as small as 50 sqm with marginal increases, depending on the type of unit purchased. Average price per meter for core and shell properties start from 39,000 EGP up to 71,000 EGP.

Palm Hills also offers a special payment plan of 10% as a down payment, with the remaining installments spreading over 6 years.

With all that being kept in mind, Westlane Boulevard makes tremendous promises that assure its prominence in the West Cairo Scene.

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