As a renowned trend setter, Emaar created Marassi as the North Coast’s first upscale international destination. Moreover, it frequently adds to its many phases, so the project is ever-changing. The Compound is establishing itself as a world-class tourism, leisure and golfing holiday destination. To top it off, Marassi is launching its newest phase yet: Skaia.


Marassi is located on Sidi Abdel Rahman and Alamein. To those who haven’t heard of them, these are two of the most fascinating beaches in the North Coast. You can enjoy these beaches throughout the year, as the weather is always warm and sunny. It most certainly tempts swimmers to hop into the sparkly water for a refreshing swim.

The water isn’t all what’s there to look forward to. Marassi also provides a multicultural sensation, as it’s crafted with the harmony of diverse Mediterranean lifestyles Including Egypt, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia and Italy.

Additionally, Marassi has a lot to offer ranging from a 5 stars hotel, a clubhouse, a yacht club, lagoons, dining facilities, sports facilities, family activities, a park, a mall, a golf course and a nocturnal nightlife.

Marassi as a whole has a wide variety of units; from chalets and apartments to townhouses and Villas. Whether you choose to reside in Marassi Bay, Vectoria, Valencia, Blanca, Celia, Verdi, Safi, The Greek VillageSalerno, Veneto,  Isola, Catania, Verona, Arezzo Marina, or the most recent addition, Skaia; Marassi prides itself on the impeccable and reliable services and security measures you shall receive.

Skaia Duet Villas

Now for the first time in Marassi, Skaia provides properties that fall directly on the swimmable lagoons. The phase offers duplexes that are 3 and 4 bedrooms from 140 to 160 square meters.

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