With all the unrest that’s going on Globally because of COVID 19, it is understandable how people are hesitant to invest in Real Estate. You don’t know what’s coming. You’d rather hold on to your financial Assets for the time being until things become clearer. That is all well and dandy till you realize, the world is healing. In teeny tiny baby steps, countries are passing the danger stages, and our globe is on track back to stability. That is why investment should not be off your mind. You want to be ahead of the game when the time comes. But since real estate developers realize your concerns, efforts (or rather opportunities) are being made.


So Emaar as a real estate developer is known to be on the intense side when it comes to their payments. That is why the offers they’re making this April is an opportunity to those who seize it. You can pay NOTHING upfront, and have your installments distributed over 8 years ( which is longer than the average Emaar installments period). OR…you can put down 5% as a Down Payment, and wait to pay your first installment after 6 months, with the rest over 8 years. The beauty here is in that you get six whole months to get your first installment in order. In both offers, you skip out on big bulky payments! You see, how this usually works is you pay 5% upfront, 10% in 3 months, and then proceed with your installments over 7 years. So through the offers you either pay no bulks, or just 5% instead of 15%. As for the icing on the cake, there are units in Emaar that you do NOT need to wait so long for! Some even ready for delivery! So if you were ever considering Emaar, now is your moment.

The Loft – Living Yards Developments

Here is another project that gives you time to get your affairs in order. The Loft, like Emaar, asks you for 5% as a Down Payment. The following payment would be your first installment and that’s after 6 months. However, unlike Emaar, The Lofts distribute their installments over 7 years, not 8. That does not undermine the less-of-a-bulk-to-pay opportunity though. If you’re looking to invest in the New Capital, here’s your chance!

AEON Towers/ District Five – Marakez

What if you wan’t the chance to change your mind? With all the uncertainty going on , Marakez gives you that opportunity. At Marakez you can now buy at AEON Towers in West Cairo or District Five in New Katameya. Additionally, if you happen to change your mind later, you will receive a 100% guaranteed refund with no penalties. However, in the spirit of lower bulk payments, Marakez also presents you with a different approach. The regular payment plan is 5% Down Payment, 5 % in three months, and the remainder on 9 years installments. You can ask to re-arrange that plan by paying 2.5% upfront, 2.5% after 3 months, and 7% after 6 months, deferring the bigger bulk payment 6 whole months allowing the COVID-19 airs to clear.

Heartwork- Mountainview

Heartwork has followed in the footsteps of projects that extend the payment plan a few months longer than the usual. The commercial projects presents 2 April offers, with a time limit. Pay 10% Downpayment then 5% after 6 whole months, while the rest are divided over 8 years equal installments. Or you can pay 10% Downpayment then 10% after also 6 whole months, while the rest are divided over 9 years equal installments.

Carnelia El Sokhna- Ajna

Though Ajna’s offer was planned for the annual CityScape Event, they have extended the deadline of the offer till the end of April. With a 10 year payment plan, pay 5% as a downpayment, 5% after one month, and 10% 3 months before the delivery date. Currently, that offer is the only one on a project in the coveted Ein Sokhna. That greatly increases its appeal to those looking for a property in the area.

Al Burouj – Capital Group Properties

Al Burouj approached the uneasy times we are experiencing in a different manner. They present the purchase of their properties as an investment opportunity. You get a double investment benefit through buying a Fully Finished property in Al Burouj with a continuously appreciating price, in addition to a pure financial benefit. In explanation, you will receive a cash return on investment for their first 2 years payments. This amount may even reach 16% according to your selected payment plan.

Rivan – New Capital

Rivan also presents a cash return on investment opportunity. Its payment plan is 5% DP, 5% after 3 months, and 10% on Delivery; with 8 years equal installments . As a buyer you have the choice between receiving 20% interest over the total paid first year installments with the interest being granted at the end of the first year. Or, you will receive 20% interest over the total paid installments for the 2 years with the interest granted at the end of the second year. This offer applies for Building 1 only, offering fully finished apartments with the Kitchen & air conditioning units. The offer is valid for the month of April.

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