Galleria by Arabia Holding has made a comeback this April through its newest mortgage offer.

Arabia Holdings

First of all, let’s talk about the developer behind it all. Arabia Holdings identifies real estate investments opportunities, develops creative strategies for adding value, and effectively executes those strategies. Arabia Holdings currently has 10 projects in Egypt and 2 in Dubai. One of it’s hottest projects at the moment is Galleria.


Galleria is a community that attracts the selected few. It is a compound with a sense of privacy and security. Galleria additionally offers a multitude of services & facilities designed to offer a better life and way of living. It has everything specifically tailored for its owners.


The project is located in the 5th settlement’s “The Golden Square”. It is the rising prime location with all the top projects and commercial areas all around.


Galleria compound is located in an area where all services and facilities are at your fingertips, providing all needed day to day life’s needs.

With Landscape covering 82% of the compound’s area, the master plan design is set to allow the units great view and easy flow all around the project. Storage areas are also available to keep all your sentimental belongings. Needless to say, the gated community has an outstanding Security System in place. For entertainment and leisure, the compound features an art gallery, Cinemas, Swimming Pools, Spa, and a Children Music Academy. Moreover, you can find Meeting Rooms and an abundance of parking space that would ease up the conduction of your business. And finally, for the environmentalists out there, the project is powered by a solar energy system.

Ramadan 2020 Offer

Seeing that there are currently units ready for delivery in the project, this makes it qualify for bank mortgages with installments divided over 20 whole years. The offer comes at a mere 5% interest rate. However, there are some limitations to the offer. Selected units are up to 150 sqm in area and come fully finished.

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