Hub Waterway

Joining the New Cairo commercial scene is The Hub; the newest Waterway project by Equity developments. The project will feature both clinics and offices.

The Hub: Location

The Hub will be located right by Waterway New Cairo. The Waterway is one of the most significant new real estate developments in New Cairo. The compound is a unique place with special amenities and superb location advantages. The prestige, quality, and convenience of the project set it apart from any other competitive mixed-use development in the area. The synergy between providers of a specific business or profession and residents will greatly benefit all of the occupants. That is a result of their proximity to one another. More information is yet to be revealed about The Hub project in relation to Waterway New Cairo.

The Waterway Projects

Generally, The Waterway projects by Equity have recently dominated the Real Estate scene. From The Waterway North Coast, to The Waterway New Cairo, Equity presents a wide range of properties to suit all tastes. The developer currently has six projects on the market, with The Hub being its seventh. The projects comprise of four Residential projects: The Waterway North Coast, The Waterway New Cairo, The Capitalway, and Down Town. Moreover, there are currently two commercial projects: White, and 5A; soon to be joined by The Hub.

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