Allure Executive Offices join the New Cairo Scene as a part of Cairo Business Park by Misr Italia.

Allure Design

The Offices have a prime location as they overlook both the Central Park and the Main Road. The Iconic Allure building consists of 2 buildings with a connection at the center on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels. The design itself resembles a ten-meter high gate that creates an entrance to Cairo Business Park. It is one of the 3 gates to the park that can be accessed via vehicles.

Master- Plan

The ground floor consists of 5 offices on either side. The 1st floor has 6 offices on either side, while 2nd 3rd and 4th have 7 offices on each side, along with 4 large offices in the middle.

Allure Amenities

The outdoor main entrance is made of high quality Porcelain with a double glass Facade to avoid heat and be soundproof. The Building itself has an Entry Lobby, bathrooms, and elevators. Additionally, It features meeting rooms, a Business Center, Wifi, and triple play technology. Moreover, it provides underground parking as well as security and closed Circuit surveillance and storage space. The Lobbies and corridors are Air Conditioned as well.

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