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Orascom Development, as well as the entire Egyptian entrepreneurial scene, was shook by the loss of Khaled Bichara (Former CEO) earlier in 2020. However, just last week, Orascom Development Egypt (ODE) announced Omar El Hamamsy as CEO, effective as of 1 September 2020.

Khaled Bichara

The death of this entrepreneurial giant shook social media on 31/1/2020. That was because he was viewed as a mentor, advisor and investor in the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs. To prove that, you just need to look back on the hundreds of people flocking to any of his many speaking engagements, just to listen to his vision and special philosophy when it came to building and scaling companies.

Khaled Bichara with Orascom

Looking back on his history with Orascom Development, Khaled Bichara was appointed its Chief Internet Strategist in 2000. That was before joining the board 3 years later. 6 years after that, in 2009, he was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Orascom Telecom Holding. Later that same year, the company announced his appointment as the new group’s Chief Executive Officer. His climb among the ranks was a direct result of his success in turning around Wind ( a subsidiary company of Naguib Sawiri’s Wind Telecom) from a losing business into one of the best performing mobile fixed-line services in Europe.

Bichara’s legacy will continue to live on. Not only through his work, the dozens of companies he invested in and the initiatives he supported; but also through the entrepreneurs he mentored, and the people he inspired. He has certainly left ginormous shoes for the following Orascom Development CEO to fill.

Omar El Hamamsy

El Hamamsy joins ODE from McKinsey & Company, where he is Senior Partner at their Middle East office. Not only does he hold a Masters degree from Stanford University, but also in his 18 years at McKinsey, he has led many practices, including Travel and Transport. 

In his work with clients, his focus has led to in-depth transformations at the workplace. He worked with multi-national companies in the Middle East and Europe. He also has under his belt a number of cross-border acquisitions and integrations for these companies.

His clients at McKinsey covered many sectors. Be it strategy, organisation, sales and marketing, operations, or finance; he has it covered. Before joining McKinsey, El Hamamsy worked for six years at AT & T’s Bell Labs in the US. There, he lead a global engineering team for wireless product development. El Hamamsy also sits on the regional Board of Directors of Injaz Al-Arab, a NPO focused on youth education. He heads the Board’s Operations Committee.

El Hamamsy with Orascom

Orascom Development welcomes Omar El Hamamsy on board as the new CEO of ODE. They believe his excellent business experience and his drive to turnaround companies will take ODE to the next level of growth and development.’

El Hamamsy is excited by the opportunity to build on the great foundation and momentum achieved by the Orascom Development team. He is confident he can lead the company through the next stage of its strategic development and expansion.

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