Tawny HPD

Coming soon to the 6th of October Real Estate scene is Hyde Park’s first project in the area : Tawny.


There’s a spot in the center of 6th of October City which highlights life with all its flavors and colors. There, you can find an energetic community that brings individuals together to engulf life, love and bliss. It’s a peaceful place that’s residence to the practical and extravagant lifestyle you’ve been looking for. It’s called Tawny, and it’s a place like you’ve never seen before.

Tawny’s Location

Located in the most thriving spot in the west of Cairo, Tawny is the perfect place to encompass the modern and luxurious lifestyle you’ve been after. The gated community that spreads over 31 Acres houses a limited collection of luxurious villas. Therefore, the Villas are all surrounded by nature as a natural extension of 6th of October; the city that has boasted being a center of life, business, and recreation. Tawny stands in a strategic as well as private spot. It immediately overlooks the Gezira Sporting Club, but is also within reachable distance of important city amenities. Tawny is in proximity to 6th of October’s shopping centers, business districts, schools and universities. Tawny is also accessible from the 26th of July Corridor, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the Wahat Road.

Tawny’s Concept

For those seeking their very own retreat, Tawny promises seclusion and lifestyle like no other. Consequently, by remaining true to Hyde Park Development’s strategy in being customer-centric, and its aspiration to develop homes that reflect you, and your dreams; Tawny’s villas are here to offer you the serene life of your dreams and the luxurious lifestyle you seek.

Tawny offers a delicious blend between the cosiness of a small town and the lavishness of a modern-day urban city. That is all combined in a new community that brings family, friends and neighbors together. The project exhibits a plethora of energy and vividness, inspiring healthy lifestyles and setting new standards for contemporary, exquisite living.

Tawny represents a breathtaking canvas that’s painted with a soothing colour spectrum in warm hues and soft tones. The avant-garde style of Tawny’s villas and community spaces represents Hyde Park Development’s regular commitment to excellence in architecture and design. While the exteriors are sleek and contemporary in style, the wide interiors offer more living spaces for elevated living experiences

Tawny’s Masterplan

Tawny’s masterplan’s design is a masterwork of urban planning and state-of-the-art comforts. In spite of reflecting Hyde Park Development’s flagship theme and signature quality, Tawny individually represents its own character and vibrancy. The ever-changing and livable community seamlessly blends with the surrounding nature . It also infuses more color and life to the West Cairo neighborhood.

Hyde Park Developments

Hyde Park Developments is co-owned by a selection of Egyptian investment and development companies and institutions that are well-established and highly credible in the Egyptian market. The Company is the main developer for Hyde Park New Cairo in East Cairo extending over 6 million SQM with 55 billion Egyptian pounds’ worth of investments. That is in addition to Coast 82 in Egypt’s North Coast extending over 1.1 million SQM with 12.5 billion Egyptian pounds’ worth of investments. Moreover, it has 2 projects in West Cairo extending over 424,200 SQM with 5 billion Egyptian pounds’ worth of investments. Hyde Park Developments is the official real estate partner of Arsenal FC in Egypt; and the exclusive real estate global partner of the Egyptian Swimmer Champion Farida Osman

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