Scene 7

Emerging on the real Estate scene is Scene 7 brought to life by Akam Developments. Scene 7 falls directly in the heart of Cairo’s new Administrative Capital.

A little about Akam Developments

Akam debuted in Cairo’s New Administrative Capital. With a reputation of excelling in every project it endavours, the developer aims to become a leader of innovation in the market. So far, Akam offers one of the highest return on investments in the Egyptian real Estate market. It provides a unique state of the art residential community while keeping in mind the realistic needs of its clients.

Akam is formed by an alliance of three experienced entities : Benayat for Real Estate Investment, Residence development for real estate and tourism investment, as well as the Saudi Arabian company Al Muhaid Group.

More on Cairo’s New Administrative Capital

Cairo’s new capital is located 35 km east of Cairo covering 170,00 feddans. Its boarders are the regional ring road, The Cairo Suez road, and Cairo – El Ain El Sokhna road.

The objective of creating the city in the first place is to strengthen and diversify the country’s economic potential. That happens through creating new plaaces to live in, work at, and visit. As a means to attract people to the city, an administrative district, a cultural district, and urban neighborhoods will be stablished at its core.

Scene 7


Scene 7’s concept revolves around it being a residential-sports project that is a graceful flutter through life. It is definitely a new perspective in the New Capital. The story behind its name is that anywhere you look within the compound you’ll find 7 elements. Your view will always be sublime, serene, safe, soothing, suitable, spacious and spirited.


Scene 7’s facilities promise to bring something new to the table. The project contains a clubhouse with unique facilities and relaxing green areas.

Scene 7 is also characterized by its luxurious home designs and sublime views.

Moreover, Scene 7’s focus on safety had them feature all the roads on the outskirts of the project, shifting traffic away from the footprint.

Additionally, the compound boasts a top of the tier sporting complex. The hassle of travelling between locations for trainings is now a thing of the past. Not only that, but a series of well placed cctv cameras throughout the facilities allows you to monitor your kids and loved ones during practice remotely from the comfort of your home.

Add to that the pedestrian plazas that allow you to wander in both body and spirit peaking your meditation and happiness.

Furthermore, those who are more into window displays than nature will find their Holy grail at the commercial zone, which will feature top brands in clothing, food, coffee, and more.


Units come in areas starting 124 sqm to 236 sqm, semi finished. Private parking is also available. Your dream home will be ready for delivery in 3 years, with the price per meter starting off at 10,300.

Payment Plans

  • Pay 0% down payment, with remaining installments over 5 years
  • For down payment, pay 6% ; with remaining installments over 6 years
  • Pay 7% down payment, with remaining installments over 7 years
  • For down payment, Pay 10; with remaining installments over 8 years
  • Pay 15% down payment, 10% after 2 years, 5% after after 3 years, with remaining installments over 10 years

Scene 7 in a Nutshell

To sum it up, Scene 7 is Akam’s second project in Cairo’s new capital. The compound is located in R7, on 90th street extension. The project spreads over 39 Feddans , with a 19% built up area, and 26% dedicated to facilities. The project is comprised of 48 apartment buildings, with 3 entranceways to the compound. Scene 7 features a clubhouse, a mall, gyms and kids areas, Sky Lounge services on the roofs, Accessibility features, Green Landscapes and blue lagoons, Olympic Pools, Football- Tennis- Basketball – Handball- Archery- Ballet- Badminton- Squash – CrossFit and Swimming Academies.

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