Coming to the North Coast Market is Palm Hills New Alamein! Palm Hills New Alamein is the newest member in the developers’ rich and intricate portfolio. Apartments, Twin houses, and Standalone Villas of Palm Hills New Alamein will soon be on the market.

Palm Hills

Palm Hills Developments is a major real estate organization in the Egyptian market. It basically creates incorporated residential and business projects just as well as resort projects.

Established in 2005 by Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development Company [MMID], the organization was simply the consequence of a dream to make independent and very much integrated communities.

Right now, Palm Hills Developments has an arrangement of projects crossing diverse development stages across the country, and spreading on more than 27 million square meters in Egypt. The Company’s product mix includes homes for both West Cairo and East Cairo, just as well as second homes by the Mediterranean Sea [North Coast] and the Red Sea. The Most recent of which is Palm Hills New Alamein.

In Cairo alone, Palm Hills projects range over 13.3 million sqm. In addition, they house 5,600 families. Basically, Unit Spaces differ from 150 sqm Up to 2,000 sqm. With an intent to transform their customers’ fantasies into a reality, 70% of the projects’ territories are distributed between flourishing greenery and wonderful scenes. Palm Hills is additionally known to go the additional mile to fulfill their customers’ assorted wishes. That is the reason West Cairo projects have devoted 197,000 sqm to services and retail offices. That is to serve Palm Hills’ inhabitants and guests.

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