Karmel New Zayed

Launching at the end of 2020 will be Karmell. The new phase is awaited in anticipation by all avid SODIC followers. Karmell by Sodic is the newest phase in Vye, New Zayed.


As previously mentioned, Karmell by Sodic is Vye’s most up to date phase in Sheik Zayed. Vye’s Karmell is a stage that incorporates different properties; for example: apartments, duplexes, and standalone Villas. The compound in 6 October will have apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Additionally, Karmell Zayed will feature a new concept for duplexes which will incorporate ground (with private entrance) and upper duplexes. Keep in mind, however, that Karmell New Zayed will only offer 40 standalone villas, making it an exceptionally selective compound. Finally, as per the developer itself, Karmell Compound will be distinguished by its effective floorplans.

Vye – Sodic

Only 6 min away from Sodic West in New Zayed, Vye from SODIC is an exceptional mixed-use compound with both private and business properties. With twin houses, apartments, Duplexes and town houses, 1/3 of the 500 acres of land encompassing”Vye” in new Zayed incorporates 1100 property.

Vye compound has 5 primary private entrances, with greenery and bicycle paths along the fundamental streets inside the project. The compound maintains at least 30 meters at least separating the apartment buildings. Moreover, varying distances take place between different properties.

For the sake of recreation, Vye has 3 community centers with cooperating spaces for work alongside the clubhouse.

Join all that with the exceptional Nova Park covering 125,000 sqm , and you have Vye in sixth of October. A compound that is a firm contestant in a market wherein its developer – SODIC – is already a market leader.

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