Landmark Sabbour

Egypt-based real estate developer Al Ahly Sabbour Developments has signed two joint agreements with a combined value of $100 million with Eltizam; which is an Asset Management Group .

Eltizam is committed to providing the Egyptian market with integrated facilities management and community management services.

Under the terms of the agreement, Eltizam’s services will be deployed at the beginning to four of Al Ahly Sabbour’s property projects. As the partnership progresses, agreements have been made to expand the existing terms to cover other high-end real estate developments of Al Ahly Sabbour.

These signed joint venture agreements reflect the growing economic collaboration between Egypt and the UAE. It highlights a bilateral alliance that is beneficial to both country’s economic sectors.

There is an opportunity in the market for the delivery of high-performing facility management and community management services .The capabilities and resources of Eltizam and its subsidiaries, in the opinion of Sabbour, are suitable to the Egyptian market’s requirements.

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