Hassan Allam

The famous real estate developer, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP), has conquered Cairo’s billboards with an outdoor teaser campaign; making a strong comeback to the advertisement scene, and leaving the audience wondering what’s behind the mysterious content.

The Campaign is announcing on all of the billboards that Hassan Allam Properties is “Going beyond”, placing mysterious three letters “S.L.W” afterwards to leave the audience curious about the next big step. In accordance with their previous endeavors, SLR stood for Swan Lake Residences, and SLN was Swan Lake North Coast…..would SLW stand for Swan Lake West? we’re all edged on our seats in anticipation of the big reveal.

This advertisement campaign appears after nearly a year since Hassan Allam’s last campaign in 2019. HAP has turned up with different artistic visuals that smoothly grab the audience’s attention on the road, bringing glowing light beams on a visual, vividly colorful stripes on another one, a bird’s-eye-view of the ocean, and more.

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