Marseilia group is now launching Golden Yard: your ultimate destination to the New Capital. Golden Yard falls in the heart of the investors zone and includes a variety of a residential apartments, administrative and commercial units.

Golden yard offers you a vibe filled with comfort luxury and privacy. That is all in an environment filled with all the necessities of life -the way you deserve it- right in the palm of your hands.

Golden Yard Layout

With spectacular views, welcome to a world of exquisiteness and extravagance; the true classification of urban living . The modern style of contemporary inspiration in design creates a unique architecture of diverse residential structures that offer diverse unit spaces to meet all preferences. Each zone is designed to secure privacy as well as inspirational sceneries to all units.

Golden Yard Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Family park
  • Bicycle track
  • Sports club
  • Gated entrance
  • Jogging track
  • Nursery
  • Lakes and fountains
  • Mall

Family Park

Enjoy the vast gardens within golden yard, filled with colourful flowers, that will put your mind at ease within the most luxurious modern lifestyle. You won’t find anything more beautiful or important than having an open-air session with your family and friends with in the heart of nature, where you can enjoy the sunny weather and bring your barbecue equipment for a grilling mission that makes you feel happy and accomplished. While you enjoy the joyful family atmosphere, the greenery will be surrounding you from every angle and you shall become happy with the charm of mother nature.

Golden yard also offers you a unique and exquisite opportunity to meditate away from the crowds of everyday life and it’s fast-pace through an atmosphere filled with rest and luxury . You can renew your energy and get your vitality back easily. Water elements and vast green areas are the key components that turn Golden Yard into a painting filled with natural colours that include amazing water features from artificial lakes to fountains , all including great settings that are perfect for family and neighbors gathering within the ambiance of fresh air mixed with the scent of flowers.

Bicycle and Jogging Tracks

Golden Yard is unique for having special tracks for jogging or bicycle riding within the green areas that are carefully placed; all to encourage the residents to exercise healthy daily activities that are hard to achieve within the clouds of the city It also helps the residents enjoy the morning breeze with the greenery and fresh sunny air

Outdoor Gym

Relax after a long day and renew your energy in the outdoor gym with the latest equipment spread through the natural green surroundings and the soft calm air breeze

Have some competitive fun in a special chess game with full body pieces and enjoy different entertainment experiences within gardens and Golden Yard parks and it’s special games that fit all residents so that you enjoy most of your time either with your family or friends.

Food and Beverage

You will find everything that you wish for in terms of luxury just a few steps away from where you live when you walk around golden yard. this leads you to the finest plates in the most luxurious restaurants. The coffee aroma coming out of our chain of famous coffee shops that pushes you to have that one great cup of espresso with your friends. You might even want to try our unique shopping experience and the highest quality brand tops.


Golden Yards gym is fully equipped to provide the best, latest, and healthiest of exercises for users of all ages that will push you to the limits and go on even if you’re the laziest person on this planet. This is achieved through the gymnasium that is fully equipped with the latest tools alongside with highly trained professional coaches that will be keen on keeping you in shape. Indulge your body by the relaxing in the steam room and sauna to revive your energy after a long day of exercise.

Medical Services

to ensure the health of our citizens the Golden yard offers medical and first aid facilities for you so you can stay at ease within the community with full medical care that provides the highest quality services.


Golden Yard includes a nursery that is unique with its learning activities and curriculum which is quite different yet innovative. Children soar with their imagination and become creative in a safe environment that is refreshing and joyful. Their main goal is to develop each individual skills for every child in their learning environment in a healthy and creative way.


Because your safety is the biggest priority at Golden Yard, you will find security guards on call 24/7 , patrolling the compound with the latest and greatest technology of security and safety, also providing you and your family with a safe environment and tranquility.

Serviced Units

Golden Yard will turn your world into a new one that is luxurious and fun, always saving your precious time and providing you with all the means of comfort as you will find hotel services that cater for your needs at any time, such as housekeeping, and food preparation and delivery; all done through the hands of professionals that work as fast as possible for you enjoyment.

Marseilia club

Marseilia club at Golden yard is where you can play sports, socialize and enjoy your time with your family, kids and friends. All while enjoying a great time with your neighbors and guests in a safe environment filled with green areas and swimming pools that is suitable for people of all ages to have the time for of their lives.

To sum it up…

Golden Yard is the first project were all the power elements get united. A real estate developer with many years of experience in cooperation with the most prestigious and trustworthy companies in the Egyptian market. A unique design that is approved by the most significant persons in the real estate and engineering field. And the strategic location that combines all life aspects. All these elements contribute to the success of the special and unique project that will make you feel as if you’re holding gold in your hands.

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