Mountain View Chillout park

Mountain View Chillout Park is a huge project in the core of sixth of October, Uniquely intended to reestablish your energy and permit you to blend in with nature’s heavenly excellence. It is a place where you can accomplish life balance and consider what is truly significant throughout everyday life.

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Chillout Park Location

In the core of sixth of October City, 7 minutes from the 26th of July mehwar and Juhayna Sq. – Mountain View Chillout Park provides its occupants with direct accessibility to both sixth of October and downtown Cairo in a window frame of minutes. Mountain View Chillout Park is part of an expert development of a total of 922 feddans in 6th of October, with 2 private principle gateways to encourage admittance to your homes.

MV Chillout Park Facilities

  • Main Entrance
  • Secondary Entrance
  • Commercial Area
  • Vehicle Bridge
  • Walking Trails
  • Road Crossing  Zones
  • Bike Lane
  • Rainbow Garden
  • Yoga Park
  • Meditation Lake
  • Luxury Spa
  • Jacuzzi Jungle
  • Kids daycare
  • Sports Courts
  • Promenade
  • Forrest

Landscape and Layout

Particular highlights have been presented at mountain View Chillout Park to reestablish your energy for the soundness of your body, brain and soul.

When you enter the gates to the compound, you rise above to a world made specifically to locate your inward harmony inside the bounty of nature, the mumbles of cascades, and rich greenery. Furthermore, beautiful gardens make the ideal setting for you to discover the equilibrium that you have been looking for, and help mitigate the pressure of our rushed every day lives.


To complement the lifestyle of luxury, Mountain View Chillout Park has added world-class Spa to provide you with all the amenities to help you with the relaxation and unwinding your body needs.

Jacuzzi Jungle

What about a private open-air Jacuzzi just a walking distance from your backyard? Mountain View Chillout Park designed the Jacuzzi Jungle: a number of separate Jacuzzis that are secluded in a quiet area to give you privacy and maximizes on relaxation to have you slow down and indulge yourself.

Meditation Lake

Reflect in the beauty of nature’s elements at the meditation Lake. Enjoy the sound of the wind, the richness of the earth and abundant greenery, and the calming effect of water. Combining them all at one location creates a soothing mood that is unparalleled anywhere else in the heart of the crowded city.

Green Forest

A distinctively unique feature at mountain View Chillout Park – Enjoy walks through a selection of trees that are planted to create an attraction on its own. A rarity in the heart of Cairo, the Green Forest is a destination to view the miracles of nature and its bounty with a variety of trees that create woodland unlike anything you have seen.

Chillout Pool

A breathtaking view with picturesque surroundings and unrivaled design. The Chillout Pool is an unconventional experience, where you may bask in the warmth of the sun, or dive in the crystal clear water. After all, nothing is more relaxing than lounging poolside or soaking in the water on a sunny day.

Rainbow Garden

Mountain View has created another very unique feature to truly brighten up your surroundings. Take a stroll in the Rainbow Garden with the aroma of exotic and colorful flowers in the air surrounding you, an experience you will truly cherish and enjoy at a mere walking distance from your home.

Active Lifestyle

With a variety of sports to practice on a regular basis conveniently located close to home, staying fit and in shape will not be an issue any longer. Mountain View has selected a variety of challenging activities for you to stay healthy and enjoy: A biking trail that passes throughout the project for passionate bikers, beach volley for sports enthusiasts and tennis courts for
those who enjoy the royal sport.

Facility Management

In order to assist you with everyday details, Mountain View Chillout Park
provides a wide range of Facility Management services including security, landscaping, maintenance and housekeeping. For a successful environment, the project brings to you a leading international Facility management company that provides top-notch services 24/7.

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