citadel commercial complex

Citadel is Sorouh’s latest business project in New Capital. Citadel Commercial Complex is a masterpiece inspired by the architecture of 1920 Art Deco .

Citadel Layout

The commercial complex stretches over eight floors, with the first two being commercial, followed by six administrative floors. The Citadel aims to bring both luxury and warmth to one place.

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The unique location of the Citadel – New Capital allows it to view all the important landmarks of the New Capital.

Additionally, the exterior facade of this project will most certainly invite both you and your customers/employees to join this world of luxury. It is guaranteed to step up your business growth and raise your expected return on your real estate investment.

The Citadel New Capital Location

The citadel project is located centrally in the government and financial district. It overlooks the presidential park facing the presidential palace. The Citadel also offers easy accessibility from several points, including the Regional Ring Road. This connects you to Suez Road, Sokhna Road, and Ismailia Road. That is in addition to the Citadel New Capital’s direct access to New Cairo through 90th Road.

The Citadel Commercial Complex – New Capital Facilities

  • Parking Spots
  • Customizable Offices
  • Air Conditioning
  • Health Security
  • Triple Play System
  • Firefighting Sprinkler System
  • Emergency Electrical System
  • Building Management System
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • District Cooling

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