Capital Square

Capital Square comes to life through United Developments. The Commercial Complex has both commercial and administrative units.

What differentiates Capital Square from most of the other projects?

Capital Square Location

Firstly, the project location is considered one of the the best sites compared to the projects for the New Capital’s downtown area. Especially since it is on the main 90th Street road and directly overlooks the petroleum companies area and the Monorail route.

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Capital Square Customer Traffic

Secondly, the largest anticipated return on investment is returned to the investors through several factors: The most important being the customer traffic across the complex. This is mostly achieved by being the only mall currently located on the main road. Also, customers are guaranteed to use the monorail daily, generating more traffic. The complex is also situated in front of the oil companies district. Moreover, it stands in front of the Gold Market, which is the gathering point of the highest purchasing power in the entire New Capital. Additionally, the project is near the new museum and in front of the Egyptian Mosque, both of which are considered a tourist attraction and can accommodate more than 30,000 worshipers on an area of ​​68 acres. As for Souk Al Dahab and Masjid Misr, they can be compared to Hussein and Al Sagha districts in old Cairo.

Capital Square Accessibility and Visibility

Thirdly, the land on which the project is located. It has a large façade on the main street and the mall is all exposed to passerby’s eyes, which helps to reduce advertising costs and promises the highest return on investment . Also, the speed and ease of access to the mall enables the mall to be found from 3 directions, and it makes it possible that all units in the mall have a view. This benefits the image of the mall and units, whether commercial or administrative, and by extension, affects the increase in the return on investment of the unit and the entire mall .

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