Kinda came to Cairo with the mentality of bringing a piece of the Canadian culture to Egyptian soil. Kinda New Cairo focuses on what really matters. Through in-depth research, Minka Developments reached that the most important aspect of buying a home is the compound’s livability. By Livability, the developer, Minka, means the ability of the project to make the living experience more enjoyable and less of a chore.

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Kinda Location

Kinda by Minka is located on the ring road of New Cairo right across from Kempinski Royal Maxim Palace. It is part of Taj city that is already occupied and vital with close proximity to many landmarks

Kinda Climate

Kinda boasts a climate that is perfect year-round. This is achieved through what the developers call the Venturi effect. The Venturi effect provides natural aeration and ventilation to both the open areas and the units in the compound.

Kinda Facilities

  • Maple gardens community center
  • Food hall
  • Farmers Market
  • Equipped ballroom
  • Mosque
  • Church
  • Public Library
  • Art gallery & museum
  • On Demand House Keeping
  • Kinda Mayor
  • Bicycle culture
  • Bike lanes
  • Bicycles
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric busses

Kinda Design Philosophy

In Egyptian and Canadian culture, both pyramids and maple leaves are triangular formations. This concept was applied to the architecture of the compound, where angles were applied in respect to and in full utilization of natural lighting and ventilation. Additionally , this resulted in brilliant cutting edge aesthetics as well as practicality.

Kinda Interiors

Ink design hub is a sub-company of Minka, and it’s in charge of the interior designs of the project whereas its concept came out completely in tune with the project’s philosophy. A unique feature that the company presents in Minka New Cairo is the combination of both balconies and terraces in its design, hereby playing into your phantasy outdoor area however it may be.
Additionally, the Facade of the apartment buildings is made from special material , and that is Terracotta Cladding. Terracotta Cladding stands out with its extremely useful characteristics: It’s both temperature and acoustic insulating as well as fire resistant. It is also weather resistant and doesn’t need maintenance as well as customizable and easy to clean.

Kinda’s Education

The project caters in its educational programs to all age groups. It provides a nursery and daycare; a tutoring center; a teenage educational and volunteer program, and a scholarship fund for startups and entrepreneurs

Kinda’s Health Management

In Kinda you’ll find the Glowing Hearts Clinic, which is inspired by the canadian health system, where each family in Kinda is assigned to a family doctor that has its medical history and follows up on their medical needs. This is in addition to the project’s on-site ambulance.

On the other hand, Kinda’s sports facilities play an important role in their health management endeavor. These range from their indoor 5 lane lap-pool, to the 5v5 court , and the outdoor multifunction basketball court , in addition to the double squash courts and large fitness center.

Kinda’s Landscaping

The public spaces in Kinda consist of the Venturi parks. The Don Valley Park is very serene and quiet, while Queen Park boasts lots of water features. On the other hand, energy efficient equipment is used across the project with a grey water recycling system for landscaping and the is compound highly dependent on renewable energy.

Safety and Security

In Kinda, precautions for rain and flood control is designed by ARUP (one of the best companies in its field worlwide). Another thing Kinda stands uniquely in is how its security personnel are extremely approachable. Moreover, all Kinda units have an alarm system linked to their owner’s phone app that connects you directly to compound security or the police force, in addition to all residents having their own digital id for inter-community interactions.

Netflat Kinda – Minka New Cairo

The newest phase launched in Kinda is Netflat Minka. Netflat Kinda New Cairo is a phase comprised of apartments. Netflat New Cairo has many perks that makes it stand out in the New Cairo community. Netflat Kinda by Minka was first brought to the Real Estate scene March 2021 without news on its launch yet. Stay tuned for the latest releases of Netflat Kinda.

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