Audaz Mall New Capital is a mixed use project by Gates Developments.

Audaz Location

Totally situated in heart of the Administrative New Capital, AUDAZ Mall is located in the Government’s Financial District that stands on a land area of 550 feddans of land, comprising of 36 structures, and including 34 ministries. In addition to the Presidency Palace, the Council of Ministers and Parliament are all inside the Government District and the Business and Financial District, which will include 42 banks as well as the Central Bank and the Stock Exchange, the Open Theater and the Mosque Area.

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The whole financial area has roughly 71 blocks just and 80% of these areas are now distributed to national and international Banks and interceded by the Central Bank and the Stock Exchange and Securities organizations. Only 20% of these squares are assigned to metropolitan development organizations and this confirms the shortage of Administrative and business spaces which Audaz offers and makes it available to be purchased, which gives it more than superb investment value.

Audaz is in close proximity to:

  • Downtown territory which is viewed as a high-thickness, multi-use region which is called Skyscrapers Area
  • A couple of steps from the focal train station, which incorporates 3 trains
  • 4 International Hotels
  • The Governmental Palace
  • Expo City
  • Mega Mall
  • The Central Commercial Zone
  • El Massa Hotel
  • The Opera

Audaz Design

Audaz (which means striking in Spanish), is the first Twin Towers in the Financial District that dares to have everything. With an built up area of 16,800 sqm, Audaz incorporates an Administrative, Medical, Commercial and Retail area that unites all that could be required in a single project

It highlights two interfaces on two primary axis: The First: A width of 94 meters from the El Masaa Hotel, the biggest City of Art and Culture on the planet, and the passage to the Government District. The Second: A width of 45 meters from the biggest parks in the neighborhood of the Financial area.

A unique blend between art and quality is what Gates Developments strives to do to always satisfy the client’s needs, and exceed their expectations through very elegant designs that vital step in connecting our world, and bringing people together.

Gate Developments pride themselves for being one of only a handful of engineers in the market that understand the effect of design on human conduct and that it is so essential to be efficient. AUDAZ is a concept motivated by the Glass Dome from the beginning to the seventh floor, which sees the sky notwithstanding the Roof Garden. Formed into two structures: The first building: ground + first Commercial and from the second floor to the seventh floor Medical. The subsequent building: ground + first Commercial, and from the second floor to the seventh Administrative floors.

Gates Developments believe that the diversity of individuals and culture are the foundation for a more thriving community through providing multi-use projects with a different type of units use (Commercial, Retail, Administrative and Medical) With years of experience in development, they place reliance on their own materials and resources to deliver all that they promise and more

Their main objective is to make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of services to their clients, the importance of Value proposition is located in making projects for Real Estate Marketing products and services more attractive and desirable for customers. As it shows all the good points that clients need to experience in AUDZ from Gates Developments, promising providing variety of payment methods and investing smart programs.

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