Eins Tower

EINS Tower is the first development of its kind with a German association in the New Capital, in which all global standards are thought of, to be the main hotel apartments destination in the middle of Downtown, with a land developer with numerous years of professional experience, and a German strategic partner, and a construction organization that has years of experience in Egypt and the Arab world. Additionally, the project boasts a strategic location that gives all clients the best investment opportunity ever.

The whole structure of Eins Tower has been intended to give you a feeling of extravagance and innovation as well as vintage of the essence, designed astoundingly with highlights of German architectural design.

EINS Location was picked cautiously, as the project intercedes ministries and funds area, near the presidential palace, the House of Representatives building, the Senate, the Egypt Mosque, the People’s Square, the International Capital Airport, the Al-Masa Hotel, as well as the oil companies. Moreover, Technology companies, insurance companies and the fashion area are all just minutes away. The project stands on 4 main axes, the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, the ministries axis, the monorail axis, and the Almasa axis. It stands on a 90 meters wide street overlooking 16 thousand square meters of landscape.

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