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North Edge New Alamein North Coast is the latest project by the Egyptian developer City Edge Developments. It is set to bring forward high quality products and best-in-class solutions. City Edge New Alamein North Coast introduces luxurious and exceptional design concepts and a different level of lavish living. 

The New Alamein city, taking up more than 48,000 fedan of land is changing our perception of the North Coast experience from a temporary visiting spot to an all-year round destination. This fourth generation self-sustainable city will beat to a modern rhythm suitable for aspiring individuals to live a well-balanced life with it's parks, schools, universities, hospitals, commercial & retail areas.

North Edge towers are the pioneering pillars of the New Alamein waterfront with a mission to begin a new era. As the first and only towers in Sahel, they stand as landmarks of luxurious, self-sufficient homes that don't close their doors after any season, evolving perception of the North Coast experience. First row turquoise sea views & a philosophy of convenience through sky high sea side living, North Edge is nothing short of incomparable.

There are 5 North Edge towers that are each 40 floors high. There are 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms apartments & chalets.

مدينة العلمين الجديدة, ابراج العلمين الجديدة, شقة في العلمين, مشروع سيتي ادج



  • Cooing ID: 2175
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Neighborhood: Phase 1
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Unit area: 351
  • Developer Sale




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<p><b>City Edge Developments </b>is an Egyptian developer bringing forward perfectly designed residential communities and mixed-use projects. City Edge Developments has a partnership with the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank to introduce high quality products and luxurious and exceptional design concepts to the real estate market, thanks to its shareholders' long experience in housing and development. </p><p>City Edge Developments is a leading firm that's in charge of managing the national developments. It is creating new destinations in the country starting with New Alamein, New Capital and New Mansoura. City Edge Developments will be in charge of all its projects from their early stages to the after sales activities including customer care, handover and facility management. Moreover, it will handle the product review and construction project management.</p><p>City Edge Developments is focused on becoming a reputable brand for premium real estate developments by introducing a different level of lavish living through its flagship residential project, Etapa and an exclusive commercial venture. It also ensures perfection in everything it does along with continued delivery and an exceptional customer experience.</p><p>  </p>

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