O West - Orascom -Stand alone Villa D


Prices, availability, maps, pictures, and compound information for O West - Orascom -Stand alone Villa D in O West Orascom (6th October) by Orascom Development Egypt are below. You can also see other properties for sale in O West Orascom.


  • Price: 17,729,000 ~ 18,237,000 EGP
  • Cooing ID: 3645
  • 2 Floors
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Unit area: 315 ~ 328
  • Land area: 842 ~ 866
  • Developer Sale
  • Completion Type / Furnishing: semi-finished
  • 8 years Payment




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O West is Orascom's latest Flagship project in 6th of October City. O West Orascom is near all the main roads and vital highways, and it's just a few minutes away from Mall of Egypt, Juhayna Square and the great pyramids of Giza.

The project will have various facilities including lavish residences, leisure and entertainment facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and a business area.

O West offers luxurious spacious villas, townhouses and twin houses. 

O West Orascom introduces the O West - Orascom - Villa C in 6th October. The O West - Orascom - Villa C average area is 400m2 and is built on an average of 840 m2 piece of land. It consists of 2 floors and includes 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Units are running out, so Contact us before you lose the chance.

This Villa in O West Orascom's price currently falls between 17729000 and 18237000 EGP.

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Price in EGP 17,729,000 ~ 18,237,000

Updated at: 19-Jun-2021


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