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Vinci Street - New Capital, New Capital City, Egypt

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Vinci Street

This masterpiece highlights the beauty of leveling using all the floors to maximize the functionality of the layouts while enabling the connectivity between the individual buildings through bridges

Vinci Street Location

VINCI is located at the heart of the New Capital City, on the main road of the New Capital. The residential compound stands in the residential region of the diplomatic area. That is in between exclusive residential districts with an easy access to the main lines of transportation. The luxury compound is on the same road as the Expo, Medical City, and the Massa Hotel. It also falls nearby the government district, with the main objective of providing a well-studied location for residents to pull away from their hectic life yet stay connected.

Vinci Street Design

Designed as a cosmopolitan and smart cultural getaway, Vinci Street appeals to generation Z. VINCI Street is designed to reflect an elegant and modern style. At the outdoor gatherings, visitors can unwind and enjoy elegant retail stores that serve them with a comforting atmosphere, and a variety of choices to suit all age groups. The visitors can gain access to the bridge from the upper floor that joins the rest of the three buildings. You can find green spaces surrounding the strip dotted with numerous retail outlets, office spaces, cafés, retail shops and outdoor areas; restaurants as well as recreational facilities

The commercial strip divides into four individual buildings connected by a bridge . Features include three internal plazas positioned between the building voids. Additionally, you can find outdoor seating areas for the retail stores and both outdoor and underground parking areas. Capturing the gist of luxurious lifestyle, the design is complements the easy access facilities and services that maximize your experience. The strip includes the best selected clinics, branded stores and office spaces that overlook Vinci’s greenery. All of which is applied with high quality material finishings , and vastly equipped with technologically advanced amenities that support the luxury services to the renters.

Vinci Street’s experience

The strip provides the most scenic retail experience. The optimum location allows the strip to serve the surrounding neighborhood. The ground level offers the best dining treatment combining the most sophisticated food and beverages retail providers. With glass exterior facades, it exaggerates the actual space. The facades are provided finished to the tenants to maintain the monotone symmetrical design throughout the strip. 

Vinci Street’s Facilities

There will be over 900 parking spots between the basement and street-outdoor parking. There, occupants can have the right to rent storage spaces in the basement. The exquisitely external terraces offer a panoramic view of VINCI golf area and facing the main street. All of these units are available for rent. A professional managerial service is available to all tenants. They handle all the necessary facilities related to the rental spaces in the strip supporting the process. This is the vibrant centerpiece of VINCI community. The high standard of finishing set it apart as an exclusive commercial development driving people to gather for a quick meet up, casual meetings or going for a walk.

Vinci Street Layout

VINCI Street consists of carefully-positioned retail spaces allocated at ground and upper floors. These spaces range from 31 to 153 square meters. They are conveyed to the tenants in set prepared conditions which can be customized to resemble an individual business. The commercial strip offers office units located at second floor distributed in all buildings. These spaces range from 59 to 165 square meters in size. This includes provided essentials, CCTV, stand by generators, an emergency elevator, management system, sprinklers system as well as smoke management system.

Vinci Street Finishing

The finishing of all office spaces exhibits stellar choice of materials and modern building practices. That is clear in the expansive windows which provide natural lighting throughout the building, while a broad overhang shades the interiors from the summer sun. Sliding doors and operable hopper windows throughout the building use wind for natural ventilation. They also provide expansive use of the outdoor landscape view.


Properties at Vinci Street - New Capital New Capital City Egypt

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