La Valle - Twinhouse


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  • Price: 5,761,246 ~ 6,434,746 EGP
  • Cooing ID: 4593
  • 2 Floors
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Unit area: 257
  • Land area: 272 ~ 320
  • Developer Sale
  • Completion Type / Furnishing: not-finished
  • Ready By : November 2025


Maid's room


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This top tier Twinhouse in La Valle - Il Bosco City - New Cairo (mostakbal city) comes not-finished and ready of your dreams.

The Twinhouse has a built up area ranging from 257 to 257 Square Meters.

The property includes 3 bedroom/s and 0 bathroom/s.

It Also boasts the following amenities: [{"id":50350,"name":"Maid's room","property_id":4593,"created_at":"2021-04-27 11:19:36","updated_at":"2021-04-27 11:19:36"}]

This Twinhouse in Il Bosco City - New Cairo 's price currently falls between 5761246 and 6434746 EGP.

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Price in EGP 5,761,246 ~ 6,434,746

Updated at: 18-Jun-2021


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